The 10 New Features Improving Your Sendible Experience For April 2015

The 10 New Features Improving Your Sendible Experience For April 2015

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Here at Sendible, we love hearing your suggestions to improve the Sendible experience. This month we’re excited to announce the release of some awesome new features requested by you.

1) Calendar enhancements

In addition to viewing sent and scheduled messages from your calendar, you can now access queued messages. You can choose from a month, week or day overview to view, edit, and reorder your posts with ease.

2) Searching made easy

We’ve added the ability to search for users using the optional custom fields. Simply use the ‘advanced search’ option in the regular search box to give a more effective and efficient search.

3) More freedom when posting to Twitter

Want to show a link preview when tweeting? No problem.  When adding a twitter service, choose from the new options to ‘ignore images’ or ‘post with images’. You can update any current twitter account settings in ‘my services’.

4) Commenting on Comments

We like to offer as many features as we can to match social media sites, therefore we’ve added the ability to comment on Facebook comments. View, reply to, delete and like comments on posts, or comments of comments!

5) Extra clarity on menus

We’ve discovered that our secret code in the ‘engage’ section of Sendible was a little too cryptic to be useful.  Fear not, we’ve added a handy rollover tip to explain exactly what the numbers next to your ‘scheduled’ menu option mean. Hover over the numbers for a snazzy pop-up decoder.

6) Better organisation of contacts

At your request we’ve expanded ‘contact type’ on contacts to include a few more options, making searching for and organising contacts a heck of a lot easier.

7) Viewing conversation sources

View the source of your twitter or Facebook post at the click of a button. Simply click the new ‘view source’ icon next to the post and you’ll be taken swiftly to the original thread.

8) Custom URL creation

Adding your own parameters to URLs for tracking purposes has never been easier with our new custom URL feature.   Create, add and edit templates to use when shortening links. Click the cog next to the shorten links icon in ‘compose’ to make use of this feature.

9) Twitter stream: favourites

We’ve added an extra stream to choose from when adding Twitter streams. You can now view all your favourited tweets from one easy menu.

10) Increased control when monitoring your Facebook

You can now delete comments made by others on your Facebook groups, profiles or pages from Sendible. Select the stream from engage and choose this option for extra control when monitoring your accounts.

We’re constantly updating Sendible and love hearing your suggestions, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected], or message us on one of our social profiles. Check back soon for more updates on new releases.